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Ambassador Ron Dermer is serving as Ambassador of Israel to the United States.


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3514 International Dr. NW, Washington, D.C. 20008

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Tel: (202) 364-5500
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  • 05.05.2015
    The relationship between our peoples and our governments are of the highest priority, in each and every field - though first and foremost in the field of security
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  • 05.04.2015
    Our relationship has been based on two pillars, and even when we have disagreements, they are based on our common need and desire to maintain our alliance and to maintain Israel's security.
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  • 05.03.2015
    Seventy years after the victory over Nazi Germany, we are unfortunately witnessing the renewed growth of antisemitism and of voices denying the Holocaust. Against this background, the Global Forum takes on special importance.
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  • 05.03.2015
    We think that the goal of the Iran deal should be to block Iran's path to the bomb. And to block Iran's path to the bomb, we need a deal that prevents Iran from having what is given to it in Lausanne.
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  • 04.29.2015
    As part of the IDF's humanitarian mission to Nepal, a field hospital was set up near Kathmandu. People affected by the earthquake receive the same treatment offered in the most high-tech medical facility in Israel.
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  • 04.27.2015
    President Rivlin: "This delegation of 'messenger angels' represents the universal values, in the spirit of our people and our country." PM Netanyahu: "This is the true face of Israel - a country that offers aid over any distance at such moments."
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