Funding, Scholarships and Fellowships

Funding and Scholarships

    Thank you for choosing to study, work or volunteer in the State of Israel. Please find below different ways in which to help subsidies your time in Israel. In addition, you will find programs that offer fellowships or other opportunities in Israel, outside of an academic setting.

    1. Learn how to apply for Scholarships from the Israeli Government.

    2. Interested in a short term summer program? Interested in a long term program? MASA Israel Journey enables young Jews from all over the world to spend a semester to a year in Israel on any of over 160 programs. 

    Learn more about Masa Israel Journey.

    3. Interested in being an Israeli Government Fellow? Apply to participate in this fellowship program where young Jewish leaders experience real Israeli leadership. 

    Lear more about the Israeli Government Fellows program.

    4. Fulbright offers many opportunities to study or research in Israel. Their website provides a list of programs, as well as information about alumni experiences

    Learn more and apply on the Fulbright Scholar in Israel website.