Agriculture and Science

Agriculture and Science


    ​The Office of Agriculture and Science Affairs of Israel, aims to promote and facilitate bilateral and international agricultural cooperation between Israel, the United States, Mexico and Canada.

    The mission focuses on the wide spectrum of agriculture, research and development, trade, technology, agro-business and development cooperation.

    Agriculture and Rural Development is of major importance in Israel, reflected on an integrated, varied and diversified agriculture and rural sector.

    Israel’s unique semi arid conditions combined with limited land and water resources dictate research, innovation and technologically driven intensive agricultural practices and systems.

    This is characterized by combining agro-technologies, intensive production practices, efficient water management, recycling and utilization of marginal water and recycled resources, greenhouse production systems, soil conservation and sustainable natural resources protection and management.

    Agriculture, rural development, R&D and extension to farmers is also an integral part of Israel’s international development cooperation agenda, by sharing know how, technologies and agriculture development experience the world over. This is aimed to face the global development challenges for a sustainable food security, adaptation to climate change, for the enhancement of people’s livelihood and economic growth.

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    Amit Frank – Office Coordinator
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